Updates to TTOL

I have been remiss in documenting changes and updates to Total Tiki Online, but the last couple months have been seriously intense leading up to and into our soft-launch.

I’m pleased to report there have been few major problems. One continues to irritate, as of this writing, but I will detail that in a separate thread. A few of our customers have already helped us track down and fix some run-of-the-mill bugs. Many thanks to them!

In summary, since the launch, there have been many small updates to the software side of the site, but the big ones are:

  1. miscellaneous (ongoing) improvements to mobile UX (user eXperience), by which we mean how easy and pleasant it is to use Total Tiki Online on a phone, held normally (portrait orientation)

  2. data import for customers coming from our Total Tiki for iPhone and iPad app

  3. functional improvements to site news, as presented on the site itself

I will try to keep a log of additional updates appended below this one.


Oh boy… of course I forgot, we did add a rather major feature to TTOL a few weeks ago: multiple inventories.

You can now maintain up to three separate ingredient inventories plus a forth (under testing, coming soon) for sync with the Total Tiki app for iPhone and iPad.

This is a big deal for those with multiple homes, but it’s also a boon for event planning.

Only one inventory can be active at a time, and you can switch between them in the Preferences form. We recommend giving each a nickname so you don’t get confused about which inventory is active (the nickname will appear in various places around the site to remind you which context you’re in).

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We’ve continued to roll out new content, mostly in the form of vintage imagery from Beachbum Berry’s collection.

We’re going to stop calling it “early access” since the site has actually been quite stable.

The biggest new feature, recently, has been sync middleware so that those with the Total Tiki app for iPhone and iPad can enjoy synchronization of their inventory, lists and notes between the app and Total Tiki Online. See here for more information.

At the moment, we’re tinkering with session invalidation timeouts in attempt to reduce how often you must log in. (Annoyance factor.)


Been updating the ingredients database, here and there. Also, added a new “top results” feature to quick search that floats the most popular ingredients (based on inventories and usage in recipes) to a list at the top, so you don’t have to hunt through some long search results for obvious items.

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Added a few new convenience features to the home page, based on customer feedback:

  1. Random recipe: this will select and display a random recipe that you can make (i.e., you have the necessary ingredients in your active inventory)

  2. Direct links to browse “Recipes you can make”, “Missing 1 ingredient”, and “Missing 2 ingredients” just like in the Total Tiki mobile app

Also implemented some other UX refinements for both desktop and mobile.