Adding new recipes to mixologytech universe apps?

New here. Love the concept of the synching across apps and creating custom menus for different events. Only thing missing for me would be the ability to add your own concoctions. I guess you could always align new drinks to the nearest one in the database and put alterations in the notes, but that seems suboptimal.
Sorry for a newbie questions but I didn’t see it addressed elsewhere. Thanks.

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Thanks for reaching out.

When I began making drink apps in 2007, two customer requests pursued me. The first was the ability to see what you can make based on what ingredients you have. I think we got that one taken care of with the current batch of products.

The other request was some way to input your own recipes. Turns out, this is something that looks simple, but is actually staggeringly complex when you start to dig into it. I can, of course, add recipes at any time to any of the apps, but the arcana involved means I’m the only who can do it!

I’ve been working on a solution for several years now. Progress has felt glacially slow. Several ideas of mine have not panned out. Again, the complexity. I thought I’d have people beta testing something last year. That didn’t happen. Perhaps this year? We shall see. Regardless, if you continue to follow this forum, you’ll be amongst the first to hear about it when it happens.

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Appreciate the quick reply. Makes sense to me. I’ll jump into the ecosystem with both feet and look forward to the potential update!

I have a

desktop app that not only allows adding your own drinks, it allows you to add ingredients categorized according to the user’s needs to an infinite level. Ingredients have units that you use in drinks (ounces, dash, etc.) and the units in which you buy them (12 oz, 375 ml, etc). Drinks can be sorted by name, ingredient, ingredients in inventory, ingredient category, rating, and drink category. Batching can be done for total final amount or by number of drinks with a fudge factor for ice.You can send the batched ingredients to a shopping list where alike ingredients will automatically be batched and listed according the shopping units given above. You can create customized menus with recipes or just ingredients. And since I wrote it, I can add any features that you think it lacks.

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I would love to beta test when ready :slight_smile:

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It’s been completed and under construction for years. I only have a desktop version right now and you have to have Java installed. IM me a good email address and I will share the link to download it.