Bourbons Not From Kentucky

Question for you all. When it comes to Bourbon not made in Kentucky, who do you think is doing a good job?

Well, here’s a list of brands built on MGP juice—they can’t have all ruined the raw material:

(Not that there’s a single whiskey on the list I’m in the habit of purchasing.)

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I’ve enjoyed Wyoming Whiskey’s small batch and The Breckenridge High Proof. Koval’s offerings have been hit or miss, but I quite liked the 2019 release of their single barrel Bourbon. On the entry level side, Balcones has been making a tasty bourbon (though I prefer their rye), and while I don’t count myself as a fan, my family all swears allegiance to Clyde May’s products, made in Alabama.

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Wyoming Whiskey
Distillery 291 (Colorado)
Bowman (Virginia)

I have personally sold these at some point or another and all are ‘estate origin’ (not sourced).
I have a small secondary list that I think I would add on that are right on the cusp or would offer if I had a bigger back bar…or a bar at all…(by the way Martin, MGP has good juice…ha!)

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