Bump-Out Bars

Does anyone on this site know anything about so-called “bump-out” bars. These bars were built from Repeal up until the late 20th century and are common in the midwest. They take on odd shapes–triangles, diamonds, trapezoids, keyholes–and have round cul-de-sacs at the corners, around which several stools can stand. The edges are usually padded with leatherette or vinyl. They are very common in the Midwest, but I’ve never been able to find out what companies manufactured them. There is no looming Brunswick for this category of bar.

I would talk to Ray Foley. I’ve seen such bars also in Nevada and California. I think it was a postwar thing in general and Ray would know who was selling bar designs and fixtures. Worth a try, anyway.

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Related to the undulating counters of cafeterias to pack more linear counter seating into a larger room?

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Thanks. Do you know how to contact Foley?