Cohasset Punch

I’ve been following the neat story of an acquaintance of mine as he’s worked to revive Cohasset Punch, a turn-of-the-last-century Chicago tipple. It’s now been released. Any Illinois folks able to try it and report back?

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Intriguing. Here’s a recipe from Tom Bullock:

Edit: so I dug a little into the web site for the Greg Shutters product, where it dismisses existing print recipes as “copycat” and presents an origin story for the bottled punch that I am sure contains mostly facts, yet strikes me as a bit pat. Then I read the Forbes article where it is revealed that Greg Shutters, first cocktail historian, then mere buff, did not in fact acquire the actual recipe for the original bottled punch, but instead has attempted to reverse engineer it based on some descriptions. :face_with_monocle: