Collectif 1806 Cocktail Book Library

Does anyone know what happened to the digital cocktail book library on the Collectif 1806 site? They used to have pdf’s of nearly every old cocktail book out there. But when I checked recently, they had all disappeared. I was led to a message that said the page in question did not exist.

I’ve never used it but those things tend to disappear – some titles being still under copyright, for example.
Was it more complete than the EUVS library? That’s the one I tend to use…

Yes. It had many more titles.

Also has gone missing…
I was trying to access the digital version of Baker’s South American Gentleman’s Companion that was only on this site when I noticed it doesn’t work anymore.

Try this:

Oh, one reason you’re not finding Charles Baker’s South American Gentleman’s Companion in PDF is that it’s still under copyright. In fact, I believe Cocktail Kingdom owns the copyright.

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Oh, not a small detail…

I didn’t have the time to compare all the titles of the two EUVS libraries but I have the feeling that there were a couple other titles that are not present in the larger one. Well, I guess I’ll be downloading all the available material soon, then. Being born in 1990, I can’t stand a world were information can’t be easily found on the internet!

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The one that went missing was a digest where the most representative books of the collection were introduced by a short essay – mostly penned by Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller. All of them were in the larger archive too. And books are regularly removed from the larger one, as copyright holders complaints are received.

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Thanks, François. More reasons to start downloading material, then. Here I go…

I am currently trying to hunt down a digital copy of Woon’s “When it’s Cocktail Time in Cuba”, another title in the old euvs not currently in the new one. I’d be happy to purchase a physical copy (as I have with the Baker title under discussion here), but there has been no updated reprinting that I can find, and first editions seem to run $350 plus. I have tracked down the original file to the defunct “”, but other than the cover page the Wayback Machine does not have any of the book archived.

Not sure what the etiquette is here but I may have the pdf somewhere.

Good news: is back up

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