Like everyone else - home bound and need liquor

I’ve exhausted all of my state and local distributions seeking a few specialty liquors. Without the ability to travel - I can no longer acquire unique liquors for my quest to emulate some of the classics and sample unique artisan crafted liquors.

Does anyone have any knowledge of getting the following two shipped to Maryland?

  • Empress 1908 Gin (Victoria British Columbia)
  • Marie Brizard Apry (apricot) Brandy

I may infuse Peaflower with Hendricks to emulate Empress.

I have MB Apricot Brandy and nearly out - love the feel that it creates with the classics - I would hate to settle for something less - any recommended substitutes? I got it in FL - but zero distribution in MD

I had to ask around, because all I’ve ever used is Apry. Giffard Abricot du Roussillon gets some high marks, and Merlet’s liqueurs are infallible if you can find them. (Incidentally, Merlet makes the best Crème de Cassis I have ever had—you can just pour it in a glass and drink it.) Rothman & Winter Apricot should be available in Maryland and some folks certainly use it, but I haven’t tried it; I was not delighted by their peach liqueur so I’m a little skeptical.

I’ll let you know if I get more responses.

Generally speaking I haven’t found any good substitutes for Apry. The other decent apricot liqueurs tend to have a brighter, more fruit-forward flavor whereas Apry has a darker, richer flavor and, most importantly, has some of that almond-like flavor that would ordinarily come from the kernel.

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