March 2019 v1.2.6 update (all seven apps)


On March 28, we finally rolled out an overdue update to all the apps! This update primarily addressed layout problems that Apple imposed on us in a recent iOS update (we still haven’t figured out which one, but it was in latter 2018) and the video playback problems that YouTube imposed on us even earlier.

We did manage to squeeze in two small new features, however.

The first is in response to some reports that our little summary report on the main menu was generating nonsensical results for a few folks. I’m talking about the bit that started “You have X of Y ingredients and can make Z% of the recipes” and went on to say “You would most increase your options by acquiring P, D, and Q.” Well, we removed the latter part, which is where the trouble was, and instead added an entirely new “Increase your Options” view that looks like this:

Basically, this is a list of all the ingredients in the app that you do not have in your inventory, and do not have a substitute for. The list is ordered by the number or recipes they can be used in, so the most “useful” (so to speak) are at the top. We think you’ll find this new list handy to peruse and interact with.

The other thing we added was a handy app switcher at the bottom of the main menu:


If you have any questions or run into any problems, please don’t hesitate to email us or file a report here.


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Huzzah! This will make my gamification of my liquor buying far more enjoyable. Thank you for listening to your users!

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