Michel P. Roux (1940-2019)

Michel Roux died the other day. He was legendary for helping develop big brands like Absolut, Bombay and Stoli, but I mainly associated him with Absente, which was acute interest for a brief spell, back in the early days when we were wrestling with what absinthe was, was not, and what we should do about it.


Speaking of passings, Ruben Rueda died last week. He was with Musso & Frank in L.A. for more than sixty years, most of those as a bartender. Sadly, I never met him. I tried to interview him last year for Punch, but he was to ill to talk.

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I was struck by his herbal liqueur, the Elisir M.P. Roux. Very distinctive, and quite
potent. Back in 2001, I found it to be an acquired taste on its own, but it provided
an interesting, je ne sais quoi in cocktails.

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