Mystery vintage bar tool

What is this? It’s silver, and the spoon handle terminates in a plug, the position of which prevents or allows liquid to flow from the graduated measure.

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Napier jigger barspoon. Back when cocktail glassware and tools in Art Deco were king.

My favorite Napier jigger for looks that I never pulled the trigger on due to price was the silver bowl jigger on an axis/shaft so you could fill it to a level over the mixing glass, and dump it in as needed. Well, I’d buy one if I knew that I was going to use it over keeping it on a shelf and just using standard modern ones.


That’s wild. Is the idea that you can run a float directly down the bar spoon? Or just that you keep filling the jigger with ingredients and dumping them directly into the mixing glass?

And do you hold it by the jigger to stir? Or do your fingers just get super sticky?

These questions are more rhetorical than anything else, I suppose.

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