Noilly Prat Original French Dry

I have a question about Noilly Prat Original French Dry. My understanding is–and I’ve been told by many in the industry–that it is unavailable in the U.S. ever since Noilly Prat brought back the less flavorful Extra Dry to the American market in 2012. Yet, while I can never find French Dry in NYC, I can often find the French Dry for sale in New Jersey. Is the French Dry just available in certain U.S. markets? Or am I just finding old “dusties” in NJ liquor stores?

It’s a real problem that liquor stores still don’t seem to understand that Original Dry and Extra Dry are different products. Even Astor still uses an old photo of Original Dry for the 1L entry on their web site, but of course, they have none to sell—it’s actually Extra Dry they’re selling. Drizly lists both Original Dry and Extra Dry as available, but if you do any diligence on the liquor stores that supposedly stock Original Dry (in NYC) it’s the same story again.

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I’m sure that that is a problem online. But I have the bottles. I’ve bought the French version in Jersey. No mistake. (I have two 1 liter bottles right now.)

A couple summers ago, a neighborhood liquor store in Bushwick (Broadway Liquor at 1487 Broadway) was kind enough to order a case of the Original Dry 1L for me. I slowly drank through most of that case, but I can all but guarantee the last two bottles are still gathering dust on a shelf there. Other than that, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it on store shelves in NYC, and I have SCOURED.

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I did the Vermouth101 seminar at Tales last year with the NP Original Dry in the line-up. I was told by more than a few people I’d end up with the Extra as the OD was not available Stateside. Jacob Briars told me it actually is – both references are available, although the OD is the less common one. And we did receive the OD for the tasting.

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Interesting. Maybe it’s just available in certain markets. Anyway, I much prefer it to the Extra, which I find almost useless. I won’t buy it.