Possible inventory glitch

I added some new purchases to my inventory today, and notice that at least one isn’t showing up in my inventory. I see it when I search for that specific ingredient, but not in my overall list. (I’ve waited at least an hour or two to give it time to process.) I’ve combined the two relevant screenshots into the image below, since the site only lets me upload one. And yes, on my inventory page, I looked in all the other categories to make sure this mezcal wasn’t miscategorized. Thanks for any help!

It appears to me that the product is listed in your inventory (second item in your screen shot), but that it’s showing up as “Los Danzantes Espadin Joven” instead of “Los Nahuales Espadin Joven”. Same product, two different labels for different markets. Confusing. The database favors “Los Danzantes” because that’s the core brand, to my knowledge.

Aside: you can definitely upload multiple photos to a post, but the process may vary a bit depending the device you’re using.

Ah, I see – the word “Danzantes” isn’t on either the front or the back label anywhere, but it is mentioned on a paper tag around the neck. Thanks.

About the photos – the error message I got said that since I was a new user (just set up an account to make this inquiry), I could only upload one pic.

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Aha! Sorry about that. I’ll see if I can find a setting to adjust.

PS - I just noticed Danzantes is listed in parenthesis in the screenshot I posted. Duh. Sorry to miss that.

No worries. One of the decisions I made early on was to not “dumb down” the ingredients database. I have zero regrets about that, but the downside is that some things aren’t perfectly obvious.