Preserving fresh/perishable syrups

A month ago, I made a batch of this 50-brix “fresh” grenadine, portioned it into bags, vacuum sealed the bags, and froze them. A month later, the syrup seems to be in excellent shape. Good color (maybe a touch darker) and good flavor. Freezing and portioning eliminates the worry of the syrup going bad in the fridge. It doesn’t freeze completely solid, and it defrosts very quickly (particularly when it’s spread out thin in a vacuum bag).



An aside. How are you vacuum sealing your liquids? Gravity method? The freeze before vacuuming method? Something else?

I am using the Anova Precision Chamber Vacuum. Terrific product. I use it daily. If I had the counter space, I’d get one of the larger “commercial” ones, because it’s more flexible (can handle larger stuff). Nevertheless, the small Anova unit handles 99% of what I ever need in a two-person household.

Niiiiiiice. I’m just a lowly pleb with the non-chamber version and have to get… creative… when using liquids.

My frozen grenadine continues to perform quite well. I also recently compounded some of Beachbum Berry’s “Fassionola Red Redux”, which is mainly comprised of various tropical fruit purées, themselves purchased frozen. This syrup also lives, vacuum bagged, in my freezer.

Again, it doesn’t freeze completely solid.

This is the sort of product that would be nice to have in a (sealed) ice tray, so you could just pop out a small portion at a time. If I can find an ice tray that will fit in my smallish chamber vacuum, I will try to run such a test.

That said, the nice thing about these freezer bags is that they’re resealable: you just thaw, cut the top off, dispense what you need, then put it back in the chamber and seal it back up again.