Recent recipe additions

We had a request for a list of the most recent new recipes in Total Tiki (and Total Tiki Online). Here they are, in reverse chronological order, since 2020:


Hotel Nacional Special
Queen’s Park Swizzle
Night Cap

Plum Syrup for The Master Ninja
Aloha Cocktail
The Master Ninja

Palace Court Daiquiri
Tapa Punch

Designated Diver

Sloppy Joe’s Special
Bermuda Rum Swizzle
Trinidad Green Swizzle

Zombie Mix
Zombie (Aku-Aku restaurant)

Tamarind Syrup
Old Fashioned Voodoo
Martinique Swizzle
Jump Up and Kiss Me
Enchanted Catnip
Beach Lamour
Sol Y Sombra
Roman Twist

Demerara Dry Float

(beginning 2020)