St Croix rum

What are y’all using for those 19th century recipes that call for Santa Cruz rum?

From @Bostonapothecary : “Saint Croix in the U.S. Virgin islands…had a 19th century stellar reputation for Santa Cruz rum…. This was pure cane juice rum aged in oak so presumably of a high quality. The juice was used fresh with most being seeded by pure culture while some allowed spontaneous fermentation with 8 day ferments. They had both pot and column stills. There appeared to be no essences or adulteration. The column still was a 28 foot continuous column and operated at 135-150° which implies quality and character.”

Before I read the preceding, I was just using Barbados as the “anti-Jamaica,” but hearing cane juice and continuous still, the only thing I think of is Barbancourt.

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I’m only barely awake at this hour, but @Bostonapothecary ’s outline sounds a lot like vieux rhum agricole.