Sync with the Total Tiki app for iPhone/iPad

So, I’m cautiously revealing it here, first: it looks like sync is going to happen.

We had no plan to offer sync between Total Tiki Online (TTOL) and the TT app—and it’s definitely a gnarly bit of middleware—but it looks like it’s happening after all. We’re already testing inventory sync and Favorites and Flagged list sync. Not yet working: custom list sync or journal sync, but we’re working on it.

We could use some more testers. Please email me if you’re interested.

It’s important to understand up front that there’s significant asymmetry between TTOL and the family of iOS apps. TTOL only shares recipe content with the TT app, so it only syncs with the TT portion of the overall app family—everything else is disregarded. Nevertheless, if you’re trying to use both TTOL and TT, then you’ll probably find sync welcome.

The sync feature is now live, and replaces the previous data import features.

To set up sync, log into Total Tiki Online and go here: