Unknown stemware

Hello! I’m new to this forum. I have an extensive collection of barware, much of it is antique. I am unable to identify the type of glasses in this picture.

I think the glass in the right is Luminarc, and it is similar in style to the smaller glass on the left. Does anybody know what type of glasses they are?

Not technically Luminarc, but the same company. Looks like Americana Emerald by Cristal D’Arques-Durand


I see several available online at various sources for decent prices. And there’s Rhine Emerald if you want an option to the tulip-shaped bowl


Thank you! That’s right it’s Cristal D’Arques. I think I knew that. The website you point to calls it a water goblet or wine glass. Reidel calls theirs sour glasses.

I don’t think any of Riedel’s naming choices are useful outside the context of their own product line.

That larger glass is pretty obviously a “wine glass” (or, ok, I guess it could be a water glass). Based on the relative size in the photo, the small glass looks suitable for a conservative pour of sherry, a dessert wine, or cordial. Might work nicely for a “snaquiri”?

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ah… you’re asking about the specific “types” of glasses, not the brand/model. I thought that that might have been the case after I had posted.

The flared tulip-shaped bowl doesn’t really signify anything. That was just the motif in that particular line of glassware. The Durand lines usually included multiple sizes of wine glasses and a smaller cordial glass, which is probably what you have in the photo.

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Thank you so much for the information.

My mom gave me a set of green stem wine glasses when I was in my 20s. I left them with my wife when we separated. I spent the next several years collecting similar glasses. Here is the collection: https://youtu.be/7OE732p7mgo

Mixing drinks is one of my hobbies.