Which forum categories do we launch with?

As of this writing, we’ve only got a very limited starter set of categories for this forum:

  • Site feedback
  • Spirits
  • Bars & Bartenders
  • Cocktails and mixed drinks
  • MixologyTech iOS Apps
  • Cocktail Kingdom Library

The Site feedback category will always exist in some form, but for now is just where we are sorting things out, initially.

In terms of general discussion categories, all we’ve got so far is two: Spirits, and Cocktails and mixed drinks. We can have as many as we need, but don’t want any more than we need, because that gets overwhelming for people. Moreover, this forum is extremely flexible about reorganizations. For example, if we get to the point where we definitely could use an entire category dedicated to gin, it’s quite easy to add the category and recategorize the gin threads. One additional category I am considering is a category for Ethics & responsibility, or something like that. I like the idea, but I don’t want it to just sit there like a lump.

The last two categories are a little different: these are sections tied to a particular third party. The two initial ones relate to me, and are the main reasons I decided to give this forum a try. I will be personally presiding over these categories. One is for supporting the iOS apps I publish. The other will be where I regularly post interesting things from the Cocktail Kingdom Library for people to enjoy and discuss.

I am very interested in adding additional third party categories that seem like a good fit (if they will add value to the community and drive traffic).

Thoughts and ideas?

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When the Chanticleer Society site was forum based, the main forums we had were:

  • Cocktails and Mixology
  • Spirits, Products, and Ingredients
  • The Golden Age
  • Bars and Bartenders
  • Trends, Transitions, and Advancements
  • Tools and Technology
  • Books and Articles

You’ve got some of those covered already, but I think “Bars”, “Tools”, and “Books” would be useful categorizations?


Thanks! I couldn’t quite recall.

I’ve added Bars & Bartenders. That’s a no-brainer.

I will stew on the Tools and Books. I am contemplating a bibliographic database integration, which would be an additional element in the mix.

Two additional wild cards, here: the Discourse platform supports both tags (tagging content with keywords) and “wiki” posts (posts that anyone can edit). I haven’t explored either, yet. :pleading_face: I guess it’s time.

I’ve enabled the tag system because it looks reasonably well thought through and potentially handy for organizing threads by spirit type, etc. At any rate, the tag system seems to make more sense to me than having a bazillion different thread categories.

Wiki pages are enabled—we’ll have to wait and see if they prove useful.

I think Tools, Equipment, and Technology is an important Category. Maybe with sub-categories including Vintage, Cutting Edge, etc.

I kind of geek out on that stuff a bit, and have way too much stuff personally in my beverage/food lab; but I do use a lot of tools and what used to be new tech and tools like centrifuges (I have both a full lab centrifuge and a Spinzall), sous vide, filters, dozens of assorted 2-5 gallon carboys and 2-10 gallon barrels, chamber vacuum and sealer, pumps, etc.

Then there are the actual tools, both new and cutting edge, and my collection of antique and vintage items.

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I was going to wait to add that until some threads got started, but I just went ahead and set it up. I went with “Barware, Equipment & Technology” because I wanted to be inclusive of serving ware.