White Rock Distilleries — Hope I'm not "on the bubble..."

OK, wasn’t that successful with Père Blanc. Let’s see how we do, this time.

There was a company called “White Rock Distilleries,” out of Lewiston Maine. Not sure if they exist anymore in any form. But in the early 1990’s they produced a product called “Bubble Shot.” From what I could tell, it was the most authentic “Bazooka” flavored schnapps.


Have not opened this bottle since I purchased it, but it has started to leak a little. So I know it’s not sealed. I hope it will keep. Still, I’m wondering if:

  1. White Rock Distilleries exists in some form or another these days, and;
  2. If so, do they still make this product?
  3. Or does someone else make an authentic equivalent?

White Rock assets have been sold and resold numerous times since the 90s. I don’t believe their bubblegum schnapps survived the reshuffling.

Three Olives makes a bubblegum vodka I cannot personally vouch for; a quick web search also turns up numerous recipes for making your own.

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