Banana Syrup

I came across a procedure for making banana syrup from peels, and gave it shot. Started with peels of moderately ripe bananas (peel softening, brown spots). Diced the peels and combined them with an equal weight of sugar, and left them to extract (oleo-saccharum method) for a few hours.

75g of peels and 75g of sugar yielded 90g of syrup.

I might have gotten a higher yield by blending the mixture before straining.

Tastes like bananas and is devoid of any artificial character.

I suppose this is something like 83 brix, so to get it to 50 brix, I’d need to add 59g of water.

Will try in a drink later and report back.


I made Shannon Mustipher’s Parasol. And I forgot to add the nutmeg garnish before I took the picture, so just imagine that’s there.

In this drink, the banana syrup and the pineapple kind of meld into something new. It’s a nice drink!

I’ll try something different later where the banana syrup will have to stand on its own.

Made a “Banana Old Fashioned” (bourbon, banana syrup, Angostura).

It’s perfectly pleasant, although the banana flavor can’t really defend itself against the bourbon and bitters. It’s possible this syrup isn’t concentrated enough to really stand up to cocktail-making… unless you prefer subtle, and maybe there’s an argument for that. After all, do I really want an Old Fashioned that tastes like bananas?

Are you a fan of Giffard’s Banane du Bresil?

It’s a product I am aware of, but have no experience with.

I’m not actually that interested in banana-flavored drinks—I was more curious whether the technique for making the syrup was viable.

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I’m very interested in your results. I always thought the idea of banana-flavored drinks sounded nasty, probably because I was imagining, say, Banana Runts in boozy form.

A Rum Justino at the dearly-departed Existing Conditions spun me round regarding banana drinks, and I’ve subsequently discovered that the Tempus Fugit crème de banane tastes fantastic and makes a worthwhile Bananavardier, or a Caribbean Queen.

The key is really that true banana flavor, as opposed to the chemical candy flavor.

It’s also really interesting that the oleo-saccharum method works for a non-citrus, although maybe not surprising given that cherry bark works for a Wild Cherry Phosphate.

Well, this one couldn’t be easier to try. You don’t even need a vacuum sealer—a mason jar or whatever will suffice.