Blue Curaçao

I was surprised to NOT find blue curaçao in one of the largest liquor stores in North Jersey. I went to 2 smaller stores in town and both only had Hiram Walker - I asked if he had others but just laughed and said they are all the same. Bols is not better? I am going to batch or semi-batch some Blue Hawaiians or Brother Cleve’s La Mer, so not even sure if it will make a difference. Any suggestions, or are they in fact, all the same?

I noted that Garret Richard is favoring Giffard’s Blue Curaçao for the Blue Leilani (Tropical Standard, p. 252), which I can confirm is an excellent drink.

They’re not even using a blue liqueur in the awesome Blue Zombie at Sunken Harbor Club. He’s told me what it is, and I keep forgetting, probably because I seem to always be drinking when I’m around Garret. It might Butterfly Pea Flower Powder, or maybe that’s not what it is?


Yes, that Butterfly Pea gives it more of a purplish hue, but I guess with lime juice it can make it more blue? I never had that drink at SHC (I tend to go for the newer cocktails than the traditional ones to experience something new). But Brother Cleve was using an infusion at his bar in Boston when I visited him a couple years back for the “Stardust” cocktail. That was the first time I saw it (photo below, the Bacardi Lime bottle).

Total Wine has Drilluad & Mr. Stacks Blue Curaçao, so I will go see if they have Giffard’s since I trust that more than Hiram Walker and never heard of the other 2. Thanks!

PS - you are getting a lot further ahead/into Tropical Standard than I am, so I have not made it that far!

Total Wine was on my way home from a client’s and I found 4 different brands ranging from 14-25% alcohol and about $8-$16 - no Giffard, I asked but they said their distributor has it but does not supply it to this location (the location by the way, is almost as large as a Costco, no joke). In any case, both Giffard and Drilaud are 25% ABV (50 proof) and from France, however, Giffard is $10 more per bottle. If I cannot get or special order the Giffard I will just go with Drillaud. I would not typically be so caught up on this, but I need to batch at least a dozen for a cocktail party. I am having for my wife’s surprise birthday and the Blue Hawaiian happens to be one of her favorite cocktails.

Giffard blue is 25% abv and $26.99 at Astor.

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