Coupe vs. Martini Glass

I am trying to recreate a Leap Year Cocktail and wonder what the proper serving vessel would have been in the 1920s when it was created. I know the coupe was the most popular, and the Martini V glass was around, but that did not take off till decades later? Does anyone know when it became more common?

Also, friends of mine were in Upstate NY this weekend and had it with rum, when Total Mixology and other websites all state it clearly should be made with gin. Anyone have any varying recipes? I find none with rum.

Well, here’s a photo of Craddock straining a cocktail into V-shaped glass, although the shape has a more acute angle than the almost 90º angle Martini glasses that came later.

I’m not aware of a rum-based Leap Year, but there’s a rum-based Leap Frog from Charles Baker Jr. Rather different drink, though.

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Well spotted—would hate to have missed the quadrennial opportunity.

Wow thanks! Day ou know the year by chance? I see some benedictine, drambuie and something else, wonder what he was making. Great photo though! I think for the sake of my photo I might just stick with a 4oz coupe - went searching for a 4-5oz Martini V glass in all the kitchen stores yesterday but could not find one, they are all 7-12 oz.

Good post-- always interesting to hear about a new recipe and see a pic of Craddock in action (I like his footed mixing glass)!

Just went googling for the Leap Year recipe and came across this (from the Savoy no less):

Also, the closest I’ve seen on the “deep V” cocktail glass is (also weighs in at 4 oz.-- not big at all):

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That glass looks nice! 4oz is a nice size, too.

Believe it or not I cannot find any 4oz even on Amazon, the smallest I find is 5.5oz but the coupes I found for a party last summer were about 5 up to the rim of the glass.

4 oz. is hard to find, except for what I found above.

You can get 3.75 oz at Cocktail Kingdom:
LEOPOLD® MINI COUPE – 3.75oz (112.5ml) / 6 PACK – Cocktail Kingdom.

I have actually found the smaller glasses that were used in olden days at second hand stores-- but typically smaller than 4 oz…

Side note… My girlfriend and I love the Leap Year. We don’t force ourselves to wait 4 years to make it for our nightly cocktail, but it is still an obligatory choice on February 29th.

But she’s French, so now for us the drink has been rechristened “Le Pierre” and only returns to its original name (and recipe) on its namesake day, so… technically just once every four years.


Thanx for the link, I was actually looking for a “V” martini glass less than 50z. If anyone uses YouTube, I did post the Leap Year cocktail on my channel @TikiTriangle and wound up using the 4oz coupe. Not my favorite, I will try it again in 4 years with a different gin lol.

Maybe not quite as deep in the photo, but a steeper angle that most larger conical glasses.

but if anyone is feeling super flush, then… voilà…

you can also find stemmed conical cordial glasses with 1 to 3 oz capacities.