Dry Ice Garnish

I am trying to re-create a drink at home since I was “short changed” at the bar where I had it in Boston. It was a dry ice used as a garnish but was housed in a swizzle stick. Does anyone have any experience with dry ice as a garnish and/or the vehicle to use it in a cocktail? I found the “chill sticks” and other swizzle sticks to house a small amount of dry ice in the bottom of the straw-like container, so when it touches the liquid the smoke comes rushing up. I know you have to be careful with dry ice, but does this affect the flavor? Are there any other concerns?

While I normally do not use dry ice for much, with Halloween coming up I might be able to justify buying a small 10lb bag of it for special effects, decorations, and perhaps even a garnish in the drink I am trying to recreate.

It adds a noticeable amount of acid after it is fully dissolved. Reminds me a lot of the flavors you get from unflavored flat soda.

It also cools the liquid a fair amount.

For safety - wait until all the vapor has kicked off and the dry ice has completely dissolved. Do not ingest solid dry ice.

I’d suggest conceptualizing a pre-diluted, pre-chilled, low acid, spirit forward cocktail to finish with dry ice.

For guest service I’d serve the drink(s) in vessels that could not be sipped from without a straw. The straw would then be served to the guest after the dry ice completely dissolved.

Let me know what you end of doing with it. I’d love to hear about it.

Best of luck!

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