Early scotch cocktails in 1925 Buckstone Book of Cocktails

I am writing my next book, about scotch cocktail history and single malt cocktails.

Recently, I searched info in EUVS, and I found the book 1925 “Buckstone Book of Cocktails”. It’s an amazing book about scotch cocktails’ history. Usually, People give the credit of Blood & Sand to 1930 “The Savoy Cocktails Book”. People also give the credit of The Silent Third to 1937 “Cafe Royal”. However , their recipes all came from 1925 book “Buckstone Book of Cocktails”!! Also Barbara Coast and De Rigueur did. They were first mentioned in the book.

Tonic Liu,

I’m afraid the Buckstone Book of Cocktails is misdated in the EUVS archive. It is dedicated to “Sir Seymour Hicks,” but Seymour Hicks, one of England’s leading actors, was not knighted until June 2, 1935. It was probably published between 1935 and 1939, when Buckby left London for Manchester.


I think it’s hysterical the Buckstone contains a full page ad for a ladies’ hairdresser in Chiswick. If wikipedia is to be believed, the sachel system for perms was introduced in the 1930s. Further digging into the specific hair solutions advertised might narrow it all down even further.

Even if Buckstone were somehow prescient about Hicks’ impending knighthood, 1925 predates the release of the Memphis typeface used in the introduction, and Gill Sans used in the ads, and the Bacardi ad features the Umbra font which appeared in 1932 at the very earliest. Typographically, the redating proposed by @Splificator feels right.


Actually, on second look I think that Bacardi ad is not using Umbra but rather Gill Sans Shadow No. 1, released in 1936, so the book can’t be from earlier than that.


Useful knowledge, Craig.

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According to wikipedia, L. Rose & Co Ltd moved to St. Albans during the Blitz in 1940, so that reinforces 1939 at the upper range.

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Thanks for the answers!