Heavens Above

I’m new here, so I’m just finding my way.
There is a cocktail called Heavens Above which features on both diffordsguide.com and cocktailpartyapp.com and credits Jeff Berry’s Intoxica with brining it to a wider audience.
I cant seem to find the “Heavens Above” recipe on TTOL. I don’t have a copy of Intoxica so can’t check that for myself, but the drink doesn’t appear to be mentioned in my copy of Beachbum Berry Remixed or Sippin’ Safari.
Can anyone shed any light on this?
Many thanks.

Sure. The recipe in Intoxica is a tweaked version of a 1970s drink from the Top of Toronto Restaurant (up atop the CN Tower): 4 oz pineapple juice, 1/4 oz Kahulua, 1/4 creme de cacao and 2 oz gold rum, shaken with ice and served over crushed ice.

Great, thank you.
Is this going to be added to TTOL or the Totally Tiki app?
Many thanks,

Not necessarily… is it all that good a drink? Is there a particularly interesting story behind it? Why are you so keen on it?

Fair enough. I was under the, obviously mistaken, impression that the TT app and TTOL included all the drinks listed in Jeff Berry’s books.
I’ve no idea if it’s any good. I haven’t made it yet.
Likewise, I don’t know the story behind it, so cant comment.
I’m not keen on it. I’d say that I’m entirely ambivalent to it. I just found it interesting that Heavens Above features on both www.diffordsguide.com and the “Cocktail Party” app and website, but not on here.
Anyway, thanks for the info.

Almost all. Grog Log and Intoxica are well over twenty years old, and a lot has changed since then, so Jeff is inevitably reappraising some things, and omitting a drink here or there for one reason or other. Of course, if there’s significant interest in something he’s omitted, he’ll either reconsider or revisit. It’s an ongoing process.