How can I contact the EUVS?

Good day to all!
Does anybody know if there’s a contact link for sending questions to the people of the EUVS? I joined the community but it doesn’t seems to have one, there or in the main site.
The thing that puzzles me is the year some specific booklet in their online collection was published. I know the year is specified in every book and suspect the “ca” could mean “circa”, so one could give or take a couple years. Also know that in some cases -mostly in this particular case, being a funny and unpretentious booklet published most probably by a trading company- the exact year could be difficult to pinpoint.
BTW, the actual booklet doesn’t have any date printed on it

Taking all that into account, the fact is we are facing two possible scenarios with this little leaflet:

  1. The booklet wasn’t published circa 1910 (chances are this is the case)
  2. We found a very early source for some classic cocktails like the presidente or the daiquiri, and definitely the first printed recipe for a Sidecar, pre-dating for more than a decade (!!!) Vermiere’s recipe (I just stopped looking, but I guess there will be more surprises)

I know the people in charge of this online library has made an enormous and incredibly important job, making that collection an invaluable source at a huge expense, so is not mi intention to point my finger towards a supposed error in this case, but only to collaborate.

I know there are some members of this community related to the EUVS, and thats why I’m boring the rest of you with all this chit chat, in hopes of reaching some of them. So thanks a lot!

The booklet in question:
1910 ca 101 Drinks and How to Mix them

Ps: My guess is this was published in the early-middle 30’s

The recipe for the Tartar references the Bolshevik Revolution (1917-23) so 1910 is certainly too early!

And maybe the joke provided with the Whiskey Cocktail (“Even if it doesn’t explode, you’d have a new rug to buy, and you know how times are.”) buttresses your Depression-era guess.

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Fortunately there’s plenty of those comments by the authors :grinning:

To my knowledge, that pamphlet does not have a completely solid date, but it’s almost definitely from the 1930s, and some booksellers have stated that the first “edition” of the pamphlet (was there more than one?) was 1934 (based on what evidence?). We have a couple specimens in the Cocktail Kingdom library.

This is a fun one, but not a ground-breaker.

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Five Fruits, mentioned in one of the recipes, was introduced in 1922.

I’d put this one at 1930-1934; it reads to me like a late-Prohibition work, or early Repeal.

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Thanks for your input David and Martin! Clearly is not from 1910 or anything close, I the people of EUVS change that date soon.