Nixon's Libations

I was reading a few different online articles about the Nixon Cocktail. We all know that Nixon was fond of Trader Vic’s and Garret Richard even came up with a version of the Navy Grog named after him. However, there is another cocktail floating around that calls for either bourbon and sloe gin, or bourbon and orgeat. One recipe says that Joe Scialom specifically designed this version of the drink at Trader Vic’s for Nixon and “quickly became a popular cocktail among Washington DC Politicians”. I think we all know Joe Scialom created the Suffering Bastard in Egypt, but had no idea that he actually met Nixon or even worked at Trader Vics. Obviously I have some research to do about that, but for now I was just curious if there is any truth to this story and/or what the original recipe might have looked like, for example whether it was bourbon or rum, or even if there was ever any orgeat or slow gin?

I’d be curious to know what else Nixon drank in addition to fine expensive wines, mostly in respects to cocktails if anyone knows. Thanks!