Tales of the Cocktail Timeless Award

My patience and interest in industry awards has grown vanishingly small, but I can get behind the new Timeless awards introduced at this year’s Tales:

Timeless American Award presented by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation

Napoleon House – New Orleans, LA

Timeless International Award presented by Tales of the Cocktail Foundation

El Floridita – Havana, Cuba

Kudos to those responsible, several of whom are leading members of this forum!


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Seems inspired by the Beard Foundation’s American Classics.

Whenever I’m in New Orleans, I spend much of my time at the Napoleon House. It’s like their McSorley’s, but better.

I agree with you about awards. But this seemed like a worthy enterprise and was happy the co-chair the awards committee with David Wondrich. I particularly like that it is simply given out, not unlike the Obie Awards–no nominations. And it is the only Spirited Award without a liquor sponsor. I hope that aspect will last.

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The Beard’s American Classics is the obvious inspiration, yes.