Tom & Jerry

@AudreySaunders, bless her, has written up a guide to Tom & Jerry, a drink she has conclusively mastered and, she would argue (and I would enthusiastically concur), improved. The guide is packed with insights. Enjoy!


Great news! I will definitely try Audrey
‘s version. And I hope this document will be part of a book from @AudreySaunders one day.

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This is welcome. I like all the detail. I did an Instagram story for the New York Times on how to make Audrey’s Tom & Jerry last week. It got a very enthusiastic response. I worried a tutorial on the Tom & Jerry might be old hat to most people, but it turned out many people are still in the dark about the drink.

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I’ve only made Tom & Jerry once before, because I am accustomed to getting as much Tom & Jerry as I need every season at Pegu Club. [insert grumbling here]

If the weather cooperates next week, I’ll try to execute Audrey’s recipe for a few friends. I’m looking forward to that!

Any thoughts about the rum and cognac? My instincts point me toward a not-too-characterful brown rum like Santa Teresa Añejo and trusty Ferrand 1840. My heart taunts me to try Hamilton Demerara 86, but that might be too much.

I’ve almost always used Pierre Ferrand for the Cognac. For rum, I use an aged Havana Club if I have it on hand, which I usually do.

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