Travel to Curaçao

I am traveling to Curaçao next week. I am hoping to learn more about the spirit but also visit some cocktail bars. I did a search and found several “must visit” cocktail places, but does anyone have any experience with place I should visit (especially tiki)? I know tiki bars in the tropics are not typically a thing, but I did find a few when I was in Cartagena last year. Let me know if you have any suggestions, thanks!!

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Alas, can’t help you with the current bar scene.

I’d take anything they tell you about the liqueur with a grain of salt.


How was your trip? It seems to be the only place you can obtain Senior’s Curaçao in the green and red varieties….

There were all sorts of different colors there other than blue including yellow, orange, red, green, etc (photo attached, let’s see if it works). I don’t recall seeing Señor Frog, and honestly it was overpriced so I don’t think I bought any, especially since I had 2 bottles of Giffard at home.

As far as the trip itself, it was not horrible, but overall, I would not return to Curacao for several reasons. My friend who lives in Aruba put it mildly when she said it’s “not as friendly”. They are not rude, but they are not warm and/or have a “take it or leave it” attitude when it comes to tourists. They are really only interested in the dollar signs. I can go into a lot of detail, because it didn’t just happen once or twice, but at least 2-3 times per day, every day. Aside from that, it was extremely hot & humid (Aruba is more dry/arid/desert), and you most definitely need a car to get around unless you are staying in the center of the city. Aruba you can practically walk everywhere. I compare the two because they are part of the 3 Dutch Caribbean (ABC) islands which are Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao. Bonaire is really for the adventurous tourists with rocky beaches, hiking, etc. I know everything is expensive now, especially after the pandemic, so I hate to say its more expensive than Aruba because I have not been back there in several years, but if I have to spend money, it won’t be in Curacao. I have not seen an attitude like that towards tourists since the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. They almost take offense if you do not throw your money at them and expect nothing in return.