Yellow Chartreuse Returned to Original Proof

I ran into Tim Master, the local Chartreuse rep, the other day and learned that Yellow Chartreuse has been returned to its original proof of 86, up from 80, where it has been for some time in the U.S. Has a taste and must say I noticed a difference right off, for the better. Will be interesting to try some of the old cocktails using the new/old bottling.


It has been a slow process for me, but my appreciation for Yellow Chartreuse has slowly risen over the years. And I’m just about due for a new bottle!

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I love both Chartreuse, but I have to confess my yellow goes faster. And my favourite of their ‘regular’ line is the MOF yellow. Stunning stuff. Looking forward to the 43 one.

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Same here. I think I have had the same bottle of green sitting around forever. Crusty screw cap forever. Excited to try the new proof as well. I wonder how this will effect bars/cocktails that use it in drinks or legacy cocktails from past lists.

I had a cocktail that Gaz put on his top 100 list a few years ago that included yellow. I will have to give it a whirl with the new stuff.

Does anyone know if the price is going up with the proof?

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I was told the price would rise “by pennies.” We shall see.


Were you told any reason for the change?

Other than intended as a return to the original proof, no.

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excited for this! chartreuse is one of my favorite spirits.

If anyone is in the nyc area, pouring ribbons is the jam for chartreuses (charteusee?).