Essential figures

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Related to our discussions of the Canon and the other essential literature and media of cocktail culture, I am trying to sort out a list of the key personnel in the history of mixed drinks: writers, bartenders, influencers. I do want to try to draw a distinction between the unimpeachably essential, and the many who have made worthy contributions. For now, I’m cutting off at around 1999 because I want to avoid awkwardness around the living.

This is a “wiki” posting, so please go right ahead and add/edit.

Essential figures

James Ashley
Mrs. Gaywood
John Danny
Jerry Thomas
Harry Johnson
William Schmidt
George Kappeler
Bill Boothby
Charles Mahoney
Schönfeld & Leybold
Jacques Straub
Tom Bullock
Hugo Ennslin
Robert Vermeire
Harry McElhone
Harry Craddock
W. J. Tarling
Pedro Chicote
Constante Ribalaigua Vert
Ernest Raymond Beaumont Gantt (Donn Beach)
Cora Irene “Sunny” Sund
Victor Bergeron
Stanley Clisby Arthur
Gerardo Corrales
Charles Baker
David Embury
Ted Saucier
Joe Baum
Alice Waters
Charles Schumann
Dale DeGroff
Dick Bradsell
Jeff Berry
Kazuo Ueda
Paul Harrington
Gary Regan
Ted Haigh
Robert Hess
Sasha Petraske
Ted Breaux?

Other notable contributors that maybe don’t quite make the above list:

Joseph Santini
Martha King Niblo
Georg Vennigerholtz
Charles Dickens
Ellen Moon
Dick Francis
Leo Engel
“O. H. Byron” (whoever that really was)
Theodore Proulx
Charlie Paul
Frank Newman
Louis Fouquet
Edward Spencer
Vincent Miret
Billy Wilkinson
Jack Grohusko
Louis Muckensturm
Henry Ramos
Eddie Woelke
Ada Coleman
Jose Otero
Oscar Tschirky
Albert Stevens Crockett
G. Selmer Fougner
Mariano Licudine
Ray Buhen
Patrick Gavin Duffy
Joe Scialom
Frank Meier
Jacinto Sanfeliu Brucart
Crosby Gaige
Lucius Beebe
Oscar Haimo
Luigi Veronelli
Maria Dolores Boadas
John Doxat
Stan Jones
J. “Popo” Galsini (?)
Salvatore Calabrese
Toby Cecchini
Jared Brown
Anistatia Miller
Murray Stenson
Jonathan Downey


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